Ottolinger X Puma

In Puma and Ottolinger’s imagined future, instincts are more important than ever. Inspired by motorsport and science fiction, the new Puma x Ottolinger collection is conceived to give you power for life's adventure. Informed by the ethos of the C-Suite and imbued with the robotic work ethics, this distinctive collection seamlessly combines sportswear silhouettes with futuristic contours. Optical illusion office prints and sleek metallic finishes converge across a diverse array of apparel, footwear, and accessories. Cyborg power suit prints take on a humanistic form for the collection’s Longsleeve, Bodysuit, and Leggings, featuring metallic hues juxtaposed with vibrant red accents and anachronistic black-tie details.

POST ARCHIVE FACTION (PAF) 6.0 just made it to Stuttgart. A brand that has to be discovered live and direct due to the many features and aspects inherited in every single piece. The brainchild of Dongjoon Lim and Sookyo Jeong impresses every season anew with their ability to merge the world of technical finesse & stylistic wearability into an hybrid we would best describe as: when you have to wander through the lower alps at 3, but attend your best friends wedding at 8. +++

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Horst Wanschura

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